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About Us

Lady G's clothing is an online women’s boutique that Prides itself on carrying the trendiest Women’s clothing and accessories. We are constantly adding new items to our boutique in hopes of providing greater variety, making it as easy as possible for each and everyone to find something different and trendy.
At LadyGclothing, we are proud to provide the best styles for each season! You can find all you need to stay stylish during the summer, fall, winter and spring.No matter what time of year, our online women’s boutique can provide you with what you need to stay fabulous, trendy, and always up to date.

Lady G's Clothing was started by Glodean Lucien, a mother of three beautiful daughters, who has a considerable passion for fashion and wanted to make it a major part of her life and her kid's current life and future!
The Lady G team sets their sights on supplying customers with the best customer service in addition to Fabulous clothes and accessories. We work each day to provide the best shopping experience for each and every customer as they venture into our stores in search of the next hot item!

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